Facebook’s portal TV Price And Features In Nepal

facebook portal tv in Nepal Price and features

About Facebook Portal TV:

Recently, Janes Solution has brought Facebook portal TV for the first time in the Nepali market. Portal TV is a small device with a 12.5 megapixel AI camera and microphone.

By using the Facebook portal TV, customers will be able to experience the best of multimedia at home. According to the company, it is very light and portable.

What we can do on Facebook Portal TV:

On its big screen you can run Facebook and WhatsApp. You can make Messenger and WhatsApp video calls on it. The whole family can easily fit in the smart camera on the portal TV. It also has the feature of screen zoom.

Its smart sound feature enhances your sound quality by reducing background noise.

All video calls in it are encrypted. Video cameras and microphones can be disabled with the help of slick cameras.

Facebook Portal TV Price And Specs In Nepal | What we can do on Facebook Portal TV |
Facebook Portal TV

It also has Alexa inbuilt. Which helps you control your smart home as well as listen to your favorite songs, watch the news, know the weather and set a timer.

You can also enjoy movies and shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime. This device can be grouped up to 50 people from the messenger room can be controlled remotely. It also has an irresistible AR effect.

It lets you listen to your favorite music and streaming apps, such as Spotify and Pandora. You can also view photos on Instagram and Facebook.

Price Of Facebook Portal Tv In Nepal:

You can use this portal TV at a cost of RS 44,000 by connecting it to an HDMI cable on your home smart TV.

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