How To Block Lost Debit Card In Nepal |NIC ASIA BANK|

How to block debit card in Nepal

In this article we’ll tell you how you can Block a LOST or STOLEN Debit Cards In Nepal.

NIC Asia Bank has launched a facility to block debit cards online. The bank has come up with a service to block the debit card from being lost or damaged in any place and at any time using your mobile, laptop or computer.

iService Feature Of NIC ASIA Bank

The bank has made an arrangement to block the debit card through the ‘iServe‘ digital service on its website so that the customer does not have to go to the bank branch for every work.

If you lost your debit card somewhere or someone stole it from you here’s the way:

After clicking on ‘Card Services’ within ‘iServe’ and verifying the details related to the account in the bank, the card will be blocked immediately.

The bank also has an arrangement to inform the dignitaries through SMS after the debit card is blocked as per the customer’s application.

The bank has been developing iServe Digital service, which has been providing various online facilities to the customers from one place, in a more sophisticated way.

Features Of ‘iService’ Of NIC ASIA BANK

This includes Mobile Banking Services (New Application, Unblock, Block & PIN Reset), Customer Related Services (Balance Check, Check Book Application, Balance Certificate Application and Account Statement Application), Taylor Services (Cash and Check Deposit Voucher) and Debit Card Provision has been made to get related services (e-commerce registration and new card application).

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