How to Get Loan from Mobile App of Laxmi Bank?

How to get loan from mobile app of laxmi bank

In This Article you will get to know how you can get loan from Laxmi Bank easily from home using mobile banking service from your smartphone.

Laxmi Bank has launched a smartphone loan service in collaboration with Fvan Soft. Under this service, customers will be able to take a loan of up to RS 2 lakh from Laxmi Bank’s mobile money app.

The loan amount will be determined based on the transactions in the customer’s account and the calculation will be done by the analytics software of the app.

For now, the service will be available to customers who have a salary and savings account with the bank, but plans are afoot to extend the service to other customers.

Laxmi Bank has launched a new service with the objective of providing simple and easy service to the customers by making its services digital friendly.

As this loan is fully digital friendly, it can be taken without any documents and application and as it will be pre-approved, it will be provided without any collateral.

The loan will be provided for a maximum period of 30 days and the loan amount will be credited to the customer’s account as soon as the loan becomes available.