If you use Twitter, change your privacy settings immediately

If you use Twitter, change your privacy settings immediately

Following the Twitter hack during the US election, the company urged users to secure their accounts through two-factor authentication and use strong passwords.

After making these two requests, the hacker has to wake up your Twitter account. In addition, Twitter has its own privacy settings. In which the user can be controlled about what information to give about himself.

Twitter has stated in its advertising policy that it will share your browsing habit and information related to you with its business partners. The purpose is to help deliver ads to the target user’s feed.

So much so that Twitter will even retrieve information from the webpage you open, or by clicking the Tweet Share button, via Tweet Embed.

If you pay attention to your data, you can decide for yourself what to share with Twitter. For that you can adjust through the privacy settings of Twitter.

Twitter privacy settings
To do so, log in to the tweet and click on the ‘More’ setting on the left side. In the case of mobile, you will see ‘three lines’ on the left side of Twitter.

When you click on that option, there is an option called ‘Setting and Privacy’.

There is now an option called Privacy and Safety.

Clicking on it and scrolling down, it has an option called ‘Personalization and Data’.

Which is on almost everyone. You can turn them all off by clicking on ‘Personalize and Data’. Or you can turn off the top option to turn it off at once.

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