The Story of Chef Santosh Shah.

Story of Chef Santosh Shah

Story of Chef Santosh Shah who is impressing Judges at MasterChef UK & is in the finals:

Santosh Shah used to sell Bread and Polythene as a kid to earn 20-25 rupees per day as he lost his father during early childhood. He failed his SLC exams in 3 Subjects and then he went to Gujrat, India at the age of Just 15 thinking that if he washed dishes he would get some money and also food to eat.
He got a dish washing job and started earning 900 IC,

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He was very happy with it. But then he saw people with white dress and long Topi (chefs) who earned 16,000 IC at that time which made him want to become chef. One day he went to executive Chef’s room and requested to let him work in Chef’s department.

The chef agreed and asked him to prepare flour and setup coal for tandoori roti. After this, Santosh went to another hotel which also had teaching institute where he earned a diploma and also managed to work at the same. His next target was learning English for even bigger post, so he managed time and started English coaching at 3 different places.
He then gave interviews at different hotels and finally got a job of Executive Chef.

In 7 years he had 70 people working under him and his salary was 40,000 during 2006/7. He then tried going abroad for better opportunities, which led him to a country called Montenegro but he wasn’t happy there and he came back to India.
A gujrati Hotelier in London called him and proposed to take him to London for work. He agreed, did all the processing and his work visa was approved. Before going to London he came back to Siraha to meet his mother. He met his mother took her blessings and travelled to London with a big dream. In London, He had to struggle a lot in the beginning as he was not paid well and had to do extra work.

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The restaurant which he worked in, served Indian dish inspired from French cuisine. This is where he got the idea to do something about Nepali Dish. His main dream about being in Master Chef was to promote Nepali Cuisine, more than winning. He says , ” I am proud that I have brought Nepali Food at a prestigious show and presenting Nepali Food gives me immense pleasure.”