This is the 5 Moments When Japanese Women Are Glad They Chose a Boyfriend Based on His Personality Part 1

1. She learns that he’s stingy.

“He makes good money but he doesn’t spend it on anything but himself.” “Saying ‘It’s a waste of money’ is a little too unmanly.” Women are dissatisfied when guys are stingy. Being thrifty and saving for the future is OK, but being too cheap only makes you look unkind. Another reader also said, “He says ‘I’m economical,’ but I was upset when he took me to a casual restaurant for my birthday dinner.” Keep in mind that spending money where necessary is as important as saving money.

2. He’s indecisive and can’t decide what to order at a restaurant.

“He can’t make up his mind for anything, not even what to eat. He doesn’t take charge at all.” “He tries to be everyone’s friend and only says things that are vague.” These comments show that women are unhappy when their boyfriends are indecisive. One reader also said, “I want to get married in the long run but I have no idea what he wants to do.” Your girlfriend might worry about the future of your relationship, so be a man and show her you can make a decision.

3. He was hiding something from her, such as secretly meeting up with his ex.

“He was seeing his ex when he told me he doesn’t know her email address.” “I didn’t know he had a blog until my friend told me about it.” No one likes it when someone hides something from them. The woman who told us about the blog also said, “I would have been supportive if he was honest about it.” Your girlfriend might be understanding if you provide an appropriate explanation. If you’re hiding a secret, it’s a good idea to gather your courage and tell her about it.

4. He says, “I see,” to end the conversation and doesn’t seem to care when she asks for advice.

“I sent him a long text because I wanted to consult him about something. He responded with only one line, ‘Oh, I see.’ That’s heartless.” “I was crying because my pet dog died. He was with us for 18 years. Then my boyfriend said, ‘You’re giving him a burial? Dogs these days are so spoiled.’” As these comments show, guys can say some pretty hurtful things. If you take time to think, you’ll learn to tell when a woman is looking for encouragement or needs to be consoled. It’s important to be considerate of your girlfriend’s feelings.

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