Xiaomi showing their 3rd Generation under-display camera.

Xiaomi Under display camera phone

Every phone manufacturer is trying their best to give bezel less screen to their user. After notches, hole punch, and pop-up camera everybody I looking forward to under-display camera. And Chinese tech giant Xiaomi uploaded a video on their YouTube channel showing off their 3rd generation of under-display cameras.

These camera capture images with the help of small gaps between the sub-pixels. They said that the screen area above the camera will be of same brightness and equally color accurate and will have same pixel density as the remaining part of display. And Xiaomi said that the screen does not affect the performance of camera. They have not mentioned any details about the camera type or display type. If you look closely you can still see some marks but they are really subtle.

But they are not the only one, another Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE few weeks ago confirmed that they will be launching a phone with under-display camera on September. Hopefully we’ll be getting a lot of phones with under-display camera from next year.

Xiaomi’s under display camera video:

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